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Exercises to Avoid After 50

 Which exercises should I avoid after 50? You probably were hoping to find some inherently dangerous exercises to avoid as you age here. Well, you won’t. The exercises you have to avoid as you age past 40 are… NONE OF THEM! That’s it… there are not really any exercises that suddenly become ‘dangerous’ as we…
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Back Pain Relief Lee's Summit

Back Pain, Sciatica, and What to Do About Them

If I was pushed, I would say the most common thing I treat in my Lee’s Summit Physical Therapy clinic is back pain and sciatica. If you aren’t familiar with sciatica, it is a pain that radiates down the back of the leg (along the sciatic nerve), sometimes all the way into the foot. It…
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Lee's Summit Physical Therapy Back Pain Exercise

Is it Safe to Exercise With a ‘Bad Back’ or Back Pain?

This week, a new patient from Lee’s Summit asked me if physical therapy and exercise were really going to be safe, considering his extreme back pain. He was concerned that he would injure his back with the movements we were planning to do. Initially, it would seem that exercising a painful body part would be…
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