We help people stay active and mobile as they age, prevent falls, and continue doing the things they love in the comfort of their homes!

Do you find yourself

– falling more often?

– having difficulty getting on/off the floor or even a lower seat (like a toilet)?

– having difficulty keeping up to play with your grandkids?

– having to slow down with or stop doing the things you love like golf, walking, shopping, gardening, etc?


This does NOT have to happen with aging! This does NOT have to happen to YOU!

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Want Help To Decide If Physical Therapy Is Right For You?

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More about Ascent Physical Therapy in Lee's Summit, MO

You may have just recently noticed that you are slowing down and that things you used to be able to do are now harder or sometimes impossible. Know that, no matter what your age is or what underlying injuries or conditions you may have, almost everyone can become stronger when taught to do the right things for their condition.

Ascent Physical Therapy specializes in getting people back to doing the things they need, want, and love to do through specialized physical therapy techniques implemented by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We know that just throwing a bunch of exercises at someone is not ideal and will not get most people the results they want. We provide individualized exercise prescription based on YOUR individual limitations to get the optimum results. We also know your time is very valuable, so we will actually come to you!

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