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Call now at 816-682-1432 for our rates, as they may vary. We are not in-network with any insurance provider, which allows us to provide better quality care and can actually help save patients money.


Why do I not bill insurance and how can that lead to savings?

The short answer is that insurance companies often steer how providers practice, based on their reimbursement for certain treatments. That’s why Ascent Physical Therapy exists… to provide patients what they really NEED to get better, quicker without even the potential for being influenced by an insurance company that has no idea what the patient in front of me looks like.

The long answer is that the business model necessary to survive in the insurance-based PT world leads to subpar care, at best.

What does that mean? In insurance-based clinics, patients are often given 10-20 minutes of one-on-one time with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), if that. They are often seen 3-4 at a time by one provider. Sometimes, they are seen initially by the DPT, only to be handed off to an assistant or tech.

The actual care provided is often passive modalities (which are not effective at getting patients better quickly), such as heat, ice, or electrical stimulation. That way, the therapist can bill for that while simultaneously working with another patient. This poor quality care necessitates that patients then return 2-3 times per week, as well. Other times, patients are given a sheet of exercises to do while a therapist treats another patient, only to bill for both.

Research shows passive modalities do not result in the best results. We also think that it is a waste of your time and money to go do exercises that you already know how to do when that clinic time could be used for one on one education and hands on treatment, both of which result in getting better, quicker.

All of our patients receive about an hour of one on one, hands on care from a Doctor of Physical Therapy. This results in patients generally needing one session per week or less to get better results than they get at an insurance-based clinic.

When you consider the time savings of fewer trips to the clinic, having your therapist see you in your home, and the value of resolving your pain so much faster than average, the out-of-pocket expense at Ascent Physical Therapy is a huge bargain.

On top of that, the out-of-pocket expense for our treatment sessions is often LESS than a patient would pay at a clinic that bills their insurance.

With a high deductible plan, the patient pays 100% of their billed costs until meeting a deductible that could be $6000 for an individual. Only then does the insurance company start to pay a portion.

Insurance-based clinics usually bill $150-250 per visit and those based in hospitals can charge $300-400! Of course, you don’t know that until the bills start rolling in, after you have already been see 2-3 times per week for 4-5 weeks. So before deciding on where to get PT based solely on which clinics “take your insurance,” make sure you know how much you’ll be paying at your in-network options versus an out-of-network clinic like ours …

And guess what else… just because you’re paying $200+ per session at a clinic that is in-network with your insurance, does not mean that your insurance is applying that full amount towards your deductible! They often only apply the amount that they have agreed is reasonable for your PT sessions which is, of course, far less than the amount the PT clinic actually charges.

Most people are unaware of these games insurance companies play in order to pay out as little as possible and maximize their profits. So as you consider your PT options, it’s very important to:

  1. Ask your insurance company what percentage of the total PT bill you will be required to pay at an in-network clinic (especially if you still have a deductible to meet). If you will be paying 100% of the bill until you’ve met your deductible, ask the prospective PT clinic the amount of the average bill sent to an insurance company (the PT clinic’s amount on the bill … NOT what the insurance company has agreed they will pay the clinic). In most cases, you will ultimately be paying the full bill until your deductible is met.
  2. Ask how what percentage you owe after you meet your deductible. This can still be 20-50% or more.
  3. Ask the clinic how many times per week the average patient is asked to come in for treatment.
  4. Consider the quality of care you’ll be receiving at your various options, and how much value you place on receiving higher-quality, one on one care from a Doctor of Physical Therapy rather than a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) or an unskilled “Tech.”
  5. Consider how often you’ll be missing work and/or time with family to attend your PT sessions or time spent driving to and from the clinic. Again, you can ask any prospective clinic how many times per week their average patient is asked to come in for treatment.

Armed with the information above, I hope you can get a more accurate idea about your options and potential costs. When  you are ready, call or email us for a free phone consultation to learn if you are a good candidate and to inquire on our costs.

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