5 Reasons Why Physical Therapy at Home is Better!

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People are becoming more involved in directing their own healthcare, including finding the best providers and the most affordable options.

You’ve got options. And you deserve the best. Nowadays, people know that there are many options for about everything. They also know that there are more and more convenient options for everything, too, including healthcare. One newer option that is making a comeback is the concierge practitioner who makes housecalls. This isn’t just limited to physicians now… Physical Therapists are also providing this service.

1. Concierge Physical Therapy is not necessarily expensive. Ascent Physical Therapy accepts Medicare, many Medicare Advantage (replacement) plans, and Tricare. We are outpatient physical therapists, just like any that you might see in a clinic, and we can do all the same things. We just choose to travel to our patients for their convenience and privacy. The cost is exactly the same as if you were to go to a clinic.

We also work out-of-network with other insurances and, due to our unique model, this is often actually less costly for our patients than if they saw an in-network provider.

2. Better results, because the focus is completely on YOU. Many brick and mortar clinics have their therapists seeing multiple patients at one time. With home visits, every visit will be completely one on one. There will also not be the other distractions within a typical clinic, such as phone calls, patients coming in and out, other staff and patients working, etc. Without these distractions, your therapist will really get to know YOU and address YOUR specific problems even better.

But don’t you need a clinic to have the newest, fanciest equipment? Nope… we bring everything necessary to get you better.

3. You don’t waste time driving or sitting in a waiting room. Many of our patients are either retired or are raising children or working their job from home. Time is precious to them and way better spent doing the things they love to do or playing with (grand)children.

Also, many of our patients aren’t driving because they are on heavy medications, had a surgery, or have age-related problems that make driving unsafe or impossible. They have to either coordinate scheduling with a loved one or pay someone to take them to all their medical appointments. This is not a problem at Ascent, as we come to you!

4. You don’t have to pay for gas, parking, or other transportation. Also, you don’t have to assume the risk of a possible accident that we all take when we go driving.

5. Worried about a ‘concierge fee’ for our services? Don’t be… we don’t charge an extra fee to come to you. We just have a range outside of our home office that we will service. Additionally, if you are on Medicare, it is actually illegal to charge you a travel fee.

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